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Beaches of Batroun

Known for its unspoiled Mediterranean coastline and dreamlike beaches, Batroun is an ideal getaway to a serene fantasy. The surreal touch of turquoise crystal water and white sand speaks by itself. Here’s a list of a few public and private beach places, that will instantly rip you out of your reality.


The local favorite seashore and a must-see in Batroun. If sunbathing in the middle of a historical layout is on your bucket list, you definitely shouldn’t miss it. Also home of  Maqaad-El Meer, Prince’s Seat Rock, Bahsa Beach is located right in the heart of the historical part of the city. Why is this rock so special? Well, that’s a story you’ll have to discover yourself. This experience can’t lack a local lemonade. It’s a trademark around here.


The beach to go, if you’re around here for fun. It sure seems like the hottest place to be at and not because of its temperature. This seashore resort offers bungalows for rental and parties to remember, right on their private beach. The beach bars, the music, the bonfires will drive you out of your mind. The place to take your shoes off and dance on the sand until sunrise. As their Facebook page states, When you’re in the business of having fun, rules don’t apply”.

Colonel Reef

A new beach place, that has just been opened in 2019. Even so, it has a great backstory. Colonel is a well known name, being the first beer brewery in Batroun. Also famous for its chill out events, barbecues and camping. Now you can enjoy their local crafted beer right on the seashore, while taking a break from all the water activities. Feeling a bit tired? No problem. The place has special relaxing areas, for you to relax and recharge.

Ô Glacée

Under the management of the Lebanese Yacht Club – Skipper, O-Glacee is the only sailing school center in the country. Here, you can rent a boat, with or without an instructor. It has an attractive open-air beach lounge, with a private pool, in case you want to refresh, without fighting the waves of the sea. Other activities, like kayaking and windsurfing, are also on the menu. And if you just want a nice place to lay in the sun, their chairs are more than comfortable.


An ideal getaway, accessible by boat, a surreal fantasy of serenity. Orchid Beach Lounge offers a lavish service, in a dreamlike setting. You can choose between a floating jacuzzi overlooking the sea, a private sundeck and a massage, or a swim in the infinity pool. It sure does not seem like an easy choice. If it didn’t blow your mind just yet, you should try their cuisine and signature dishes.

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