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Discover Batroun

Batroun, Lebanon. A city that hands you the key to the most satisfying simple pleasures. Whether you’re on an exploring mission searching for new adventures, or dreaming of a romantic getaway with your lover, planning the next fun chapter with your friends, or looking for a family trip with the little ones, Batroun offers a variety of idilical scenarios.

All of the scripts begin with you leaving your worries behind and end with a unique story to tell when you get back home. Are you already intrigued? Then let your choices be the course of action of a magical tale, which has you as its main character.

How about a walk in a coastal city with an enigmatic history of 5000 years? “There’s a controversy over Batroun’s origins. Some say it is Phoenician, others say it is Roman and others say it dates from the time of the Crusaders. The truth is we don’t know. There is a civilisation underneath the ground that we have not discovered yet” said Georges Mubarak, an excavator and former Greenpeace activist from Batroun. A treasure chest. That’s what one could associate Batroun with. An ancient cuffer carrying mysterious artefacts, precious gems and untold tales. Being past from a civilisation to another for centuries, yet conserving its authenticity, maintaining its strength, guarding its mysteries…

Besides carrying a magical combination of ancient legacies and incredible landscapes, Batroun throws the sea and the mountains at your feet. You could visit mysterious historical places and let your mind wander. Explore the mountains, hike and discover nature’s panoramic sets around the city. Go surfing, swimming, or simply sunbathing on the beach, while enjoying a lemonade. Wherever your heart lies, this city will catch it.  Its culture, the streets, the architecture, promise to sweep you off your feet and land right in the middle of a Lebanese tale. 

A place that tells a story by itself. A city yearning to be explored. A treasure chest waiting to be discovered. 

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