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You know that place between sleep and awake? When you feel sort of lost in your dreams?

We’ve put together a short list of things you can’t miss around Batroun. The city has so much to offer, it was a real challenge to keep it short. Take these as a few starting points and get ready to unravel its ancient treasures and bohemian spirit.


What to do in Batroun

Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or not, a tasting tour at the Ixsir Winery is something you shouldn’t miss. It was founded in 2008 and the name derives from ‘iksir ’the original Arabic word for ‘elixir’. Jean-Marc Quarin awarded it ‘best grade for a Lebanese wine’ at Bordeaux’s La Semaine des Primeurs 09. Even if the winery is young, it has a lot to tell about Lebanon’s historical grapes found in each of its bottles.

Batroun’s coast is the best place for surfing in the country, being on the receiving end of the Mediterranean. The best times for it would be June-July and September-October, but you may do it all year round. You can find many places around here to start making waves. Colonel Reefs, Pierre and Friends and O-Glacee are just a few of them. For more information about each of the locations, go to our ‘Beaches’ section.


Something old and something new

The Phoenician Wall would be quite difficult to miss. It definitely stands out along Batroun’s coast and its history. Originally, it was a natural structure composed of petrified sand dunes. Later on, the Phoenicians gradually reinforced it with rocks, as protection against sea storms and invaders. During Roman times, it used to function as a quarry. Even if parts of it have crumbled in time, it still stands strong against the sea, as a leisure destination through the labyrinthian residential alleys.

Another fun thing to do in Batroun would be biking. In order to rent a bike, you’ve got 2 options. Bike Route is located on the seaside road, offering high quality mountain bikes, helmets and insurances. The other option would be Doctor Bike, a small shop in the city. Here you can also rent bikes and helmets, but at a lower quality and for a better price.  Either way, a bikeride, along the city’s coast will be a rare picturesque adventure.

If you truly want to experience Batroun’s culture, the Old Souk might be the best place for it. The marketplace of the historical city, with shaded cobblestone roads and charming shops built of the famous sandstone. Besides its structure, here you can meet local tailors, cobblers and blacksmiths, still practicing some old crafts. Fascinating, right? A day in the Old Souks will truly take you back to the old days of Batroun.

Saydet al Bahr, known as Lady of the Sea, is a charming Greek-Orthodox church in Batroun. It’s built right on the waters edge, with a terrace overlooking the sea through arched framings. A small building, made of sandstone, that impresses by its location and simplicity. The vaulted ceiling, the stone walls and the marble iconostasis make it really magical. A place that will humble you and make you wonder about old time stories.

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