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Batroun Restaurants

If you are one of the few who has yet to discover lebanese food prepare yourself for a life-changing experience

From fresh seafood, to traditional local meals and signature dishes, Batroun takes cuisine to a whole new level. We tend to get enthusiastic when it comes to culinary arts and we take it very seriously. Here’s a few places where feasts promise to be unforgettable experiences.

Le Marin

Le Marin – With a background of 20 years, still upholding its reputation as one of the best rated restaurants in the city. A terrace right above water, breath-taking views and a variety of menus promising a delicious experience. Your only choice would be if to go for a traditional Lebanese or a fresh seafood treat. And you get to decide, while spoiling yourself with a glass of fine wine.

Chez Maguy

Chez Maguy – Named after the owner, a diver, a fisherwoman and a widow. Maguy dedicated her life to catching and cooking her own fish for years. She charmingly turned her old home by the beach into a restaurant and started a business. Her seafood dishes started a controversy in New York Times, Le Figaro and Paris Match. Seems like a place you’ll either love or hate. Either way, you will be passionate about it.


Jammal – This cozy place, hidden in a small beach bay, seems to be the perfect place to disconnect. Labelled as a seafood gem of Lebanon, looks like the setting for a day ripped of a mystical dimension. You can enjoy your fresh dishes right from your sunbathing chair, while touching the sea with your feet. If you feel like something is missing, just wait for the champagne happy hour. As per Trip Adviser, “Blink and you’ll miss it”. Surreal, right?


Bistr’eau – An unconventional restaurant, under old arcades, located in one of Batroun’s historical buildings. Former engineer Jean Fares, now turned into a passionate chef, is the owner and manager of this stylish cuisine. Bistr’eau is inspiring its guests with signature plates, fresh cocktails, unique design, soothing music and positive vibes. A cozy seafront place, with a lot of personality.


Batrouniyat  – A mouneh house concept at the beginning of the 20th century. An idyllical event hosting restaurant today. This huge old house is a fantasy meant to revive its past. A ballroom with stone arched ceilings, glorious chandeliers and a dreamlike inner court. The scents from the mouneh shop and the traditional cuisine seem to fully turn your time here into a cultural experience. A loophole that instantly takes you back in time to the days of the Ottoman Empire..


Arnaoon – Rising on a hilltop, overlooking incredible natural landscapes, Arnaoon is a 300 years old standalone village. Guarded by Msaylha Fortress, it’s charmingly designed as a recreational and culinary destination. The village is famous for its cheerful lebanese atmosphere and a variety of exquisite buffets. A legacy with a purpose: Bringing together families and friends. A piece of land and a community simbolizing strength.

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